Stone City BBQ

We are your local family owned and operated neighbourhood Southern BBQ take-away joint! Proudly located in EAST END Kingston, Ontario – hidden in the back of the barriefield drive-thru carwash! Yep, the best bbq is always a tiny, hard to find joint & in a weird spot! We’re serving up all yer favourites – pulled pork, brisket, brined wings, baby back ribs, smoked chicken and more! All our meats are sourced as close to home as possible, smoked in-house daily (& all nightly) and the BBQ sauces are made right here from our tried and true authentic southern recipes. Git here early ’cause we are a real deal BBQ joint which means:  “When it’s done, it’s done, & When it’s gone, it’s gone!”



BBQ, barbecue, or however ya want to spell it is cooking low and slow, low temperatures, usually with some wood smoke, for very long times. No one is really sure who or where it originated, but it was born out of necessity as a traditional method of cooking, which renders a tough, fatty or undesirable cut of meat, like brisket or pork butt, into some of the best stuff you’ll ever put in your mouth! The process is a combination of science, know-how, art, love and some luck.

We are currently open Thursday thru Saturday. Open at 11am on Thurs & Fri, noon on Saturdays.

This is the most common question, and the short answer – until we sell out. See SOLD OUT above. How long we remain open during a day is wholly dependent on all y’all. Some days everybody is in early buyin’ lots of BBQ, waitin’ in the parking lot before we even open! Other days lunch time isn’t as crazy and we’re open a while longer into the afternoon. Best to check on Faceboook as we post our SOLD OUT notices there, or give us a call if it’s mid-afternoon so y’all don’t make the trek to find we ain’t got nothin’ left.

We are a real BBQ joint, we fill the smoker to capacity, smoke up as much BBQ as we can each and every day we are open. That means everything y’all get is fresh and delicious, no yesterday leftovers passed off as fresh. The BBQ credo:  “When it’s done, it’s done. When it’s gone, it’s gone!”

Quick answer, get here early! If y’all can’t make it in early, give us a call to reserve some delicious BBQ for a bit later. Best times to call – the hour before we open or after the lunch rush (1:30ish). Callin’ during the rush will likely lead to unanswered calls and disappointment.

what Y'ALL sayin' ON FACEBOOK

  • positive review  This place is fantastic!!! The owners are lovely, generous, and always provide top quality service. And the beans, OMG THE BEANS!!!, the best in town for sure! Do yourself a favour and try them out. 🙂

    thumb April Anne

    positive review  Awesome food !! Loved it!!

    thumb Pam Brown

    positive review  Great food, big portions and friendly staff!!

    thumb Thanasis Mastrodimitropoulos
  • positive review  Awesome bbq!! Huge portions! Love it!!

    thumb Sue Whetstone

    positive review  It is all great! If you are not sure what to get, or incredibly hungry, get the trinity poutine! You will not be disappointed, although you maybe slightly uncomfortable if you eat it all yourself 🙂 (probably better to share)

    thumb Scott Whetstone

    positive review  The best pulled pork and beef brisket sandwiches in Kingston

    thumb Nathan Yetter

What y'all sayin' on trip advisor

    star rating  I tried the ribs with honey chipolte sauce, chicken wings with the memphis sauce, baked beans and mac&cheese bites. All cooked to perfection and tasty. I've tried all the others... read more

    avatar thumb Wayne L
    August 14, 2020

    star rating  Finally someone in town that does BBQ right! Had the pulled pork and the brisket. The brisket had a nice smoke ring with excellent flavour. It was a little dry... read more

    avatar thumb Mike D
    December 9, 2019

    star rating  We had the beef brisket tacos and they did not disappoint. The sauce was good, the coleslaw was the good kind of coleslaw and the flavours were awesome together! You’ll... read more

    avatar thumb maxsO6363OK
    August 22, 2020

What y'all sayin' on google

  • 2 star review  Tried this joint for the first time because of all the good reviews and recommandations. I was quite a bit disapointed. First i have to say that the staff are extremely friendly and the service is great. I tried the Beef brisket plate and the classic poutine. The poutine was pretty good, a bit on the expensive side though. The beef brisket plate was not good at all, i tried everything but was disapointed. The beef was very vry dry, i choked on it and there was barely any sauce, just a tbsp on top of it and the beef was no brisket. Served with beans: basically good but the pieces of beef in the beans were also dry, the side of cole slaw i’m sure would have been good if it was not drowning in dressing and i did not get the side of corn bread, they gave me extra fries but did not tell me when i ordered, i would have asked for something else. I may try again at some point and order something else to compare, then i will know for sure if i like the place or not. Again, the staff were very friendly and welcoming.

    thumb KRICH73

    4 star review  Excellent BBQ! Smoked brisket and chicken were mouth watering, wings were brined first then fried so they were juicy inside and crispy outside, awesome with their home made dry rub. Can't wait to go back!

    thumb Jim Amodeo

    5 star review  Ate the brisket, pulled pork, ribs, baked beans and slaw. Everything was excellent. Slaw was little heavy in the Mayo but honestly I didn't go there for 'healthy food', and we really liked it. Price is high, but we thought it was well worth it. Will definitely go back and I strongly suggest you give them a try.

    thumb David Rodrigues
  • 5 star review  Best BBQ in Ontario and can compete for the Canadian title any day.( I'd say it's between them and Fait á Los in Quebec city with ease) Locally owned and operated Stone City BBQ comes close to destroying any reason to attend Kingston's BBQ festival, variety maybe? Providing succulent offerings of slow smoked meats this is as close as you get to carnivore heaven. While the place is located in a carwash you need to realize it's a feature not a bug. Like classic Southern pit houses with the meat being cooked off site or in the parking lot, Stone City BBQ is a BBQ distribution center not a restaurant. You aren't there to eat, you're there to purchase hours, HOURS, of perfectly cooked meat, prepared for you to take and enjoy in your terms. There is no way to make this fast and as such there is only limited supply, they can't just whip up more fresh, this isn't fresh it's real BBQ. The sign on the door stating that they're open until 7 or the meat is gone is your best sign off quality. Step in here knowing they never make it to seven, for a reason. The core options are what is to be expected, brisket with exceptional meat to fat ratio(if I've said it once I'll say it a hundred times this place refuses to skimp on flavour), chicken that's moist and Smokey and pulled pork that pulls itself if you look at it intently. These are all paired intentionally with the houses sauces. But feel free to play with meat/sauce combos. The fantastic team is more than willing to accommodate and I can say hand on heart it's all delicious. In addition there are wings and ribs, you really can't go wrong walking in or calling and asking them what you should have that day. So there are the basic platters that come with creamy slaw, a cornbread muffin that may be 50% butter, 45% honey and 60-65% comfort, the math works out when you bite into these believe me. And if you don't, spread some of the beans you get, again packed with pieces of chopped brisket and pulled pork across the muffin and try it again, eyes closed. The math works. In addition to the platters there are great poutines, regular or piled with BBQ. The Trinity is a meal for 4, packed with all three meats over a tub of crispy fries. I ask for a drizzle of their Memphis sauce on top, and while my wife always gets mad when I bring it home and interrupt "clean eating" she and the kids lean into this seemingly unending pile of goodness with reckless abandon. Meat on a bun and redneck tacos also bring smiles to eyes and fill hunger pangs as great hand held options. If say the downside of this place is the meat coma, they give you a "healthy" amount of food. This then often also leads to filling your dreams and haunting you in the daylight hours... Why aren't I eating BBQ right now? Once you've tried it and go back, you will go back, consider their frozen meat and sauce. We started buying it and now always have a pound of something on hand to make BBQ pizzas, open face sandwiches etc when the occasion arises. I honestly can't recommend this place enough. Excellent people providing REAL BBQ at a fair price, it really sells itself. And if you don't believe me call at like 630 to see what you can get. They might not be there, they probably have nothing of not next to nothing and can advise you on how to order for tomorrow!

    thumb ccd allen

    5 star review  This place has got it going on. Thoroughly enjoyed, the only thing it was missing was a biscuit or crusty roll... highly recommend. Will return.

    thumb timmy adam

    5 star review  Ate the brisket, pulled pork, ribs, baked beans and slaw. Everything was excellent. Slaw was little heavy in the Mayo but honestly I didn't go there for 'healthy food', and we really liked it. Price is high, but we thought it was well worth it. Will definitely go back!

    thumb David Rodrigues


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