Stone City BBQ

We are your local family owed and operated neighbourhood Southern BBQ take-away joint! Proudly located in EAST END Kingston, Ontario, serving up all yer favourites – pulled pork, brisket, wings, baby back ribs, smoked chicken and more! All our meats are sourced as close to home as possible, smoked in-house daily (& all nightly) and the BBQ sauces are made right here from our tried and true authentic southern recipes. Git here early ’cause we are a real deal BBQ joint which means:  “When it’s done, it’s done, & When it’s gone, it’s gone!”


  Was lucky enough to check out Stone City on their opening day, solid city style bbq with decent portions.

My wife and I tried the pulled pork and brisket... read more

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  We had the beef brisket tacos and they did not disappoint. The sauce was good, the coleslaw was the good kind of coleslaw and the flavours were awesome together! You’ll... read more

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  Ok, so I have now tried out Stone City BBQ twice and both times the food was brilliant!!! We may joke about going for car wash BBQ but their food... read more

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BBQ, barbecue, or however ya want to spell it is cooking low and slow, low temperatures, usually with some wood smoke, for very long times. No one is really sure who or where it originated, but it was born out of necessity as a traditional method of cooking, which renders a tough, fatty or undesirable cut of meat, like brisket or pork butt, into some of the stuff you’ll ever put in your mouth! The process is a combination of science, know-how, art and some luck.

Due to COVID-19 we have reduced the days we are open to Thursday thru Saturday. Open at 11am on Thurs & Fri, noon on Saturdays.

This is the most common question, and the short answer – until we sell out. See SOLD OUT above. How long we remain open during a day is wholly dependent on all y’all. Some days everybody is in early buyin’ lots of BBQ, waitin’ in the parking lot before we even open! Other days lunch time isn’t as crazy and we’re open a while longer into the afternoon. Best to check on Faceboook as we post our SOLD OUT notices there, or give us a call if it’s mid-afternoon so y’all don’t make the trek to find we ain’t got nothin’ left.

We are a real BBQ joint, as such smoke up as much BBQ as what we think will sell in a day. That means everything y’all get is fresh and delicious, no yesterday leftovers passed off as fresh. The BBQ credo:  “When it’s done, it’s done. When it’s gone, it’s gone!”


    positive review  4.75/5. Killer sandwich, lots of meat and very tasty sauce! Poutine gravy and curds were awesome! Only thing I would like is fresh cut fries with such a good sandwich!

    Brandon Cawker Avatar Brandon Cawker
    November 7, 2019

    positive review  I expected the food to be good, but never expected it to be that good! Just finished dinner, I am stuffed, but I am ready for more.

    Patty Wales Avatar Patty Wales
    December 14, 2019

    positive review  Your food is amazing. Great portion sizes and absolutely delicious. Looking forward to my next meal

    Jessie Chisholm Avatar Jessie Chisholm
    November 20, 2019